Summer fun

Our summer has been spent in a gym. Both of my kids are on gymnastics competitive teams. Alexis is a level 4 competitive and Colton is a level 5 competitive. The gym we love is a little over an hour from our home. Right now we go three to four days a week for four hours a day include in drive time both ways and that makes for very full days. Now don’t get me wrong I am happy that I can give my kids this opportunity but it can leave little time for a bucket list of fun. Now lucky for us my dad decided to move closer to the gym so this week we stayed the night at poppies and had a day of fun! What did we do you ask?


yep lots of swimming! At the end of our day we were all snuggled up in our sleeping bags or in my case a blow up bed and came up with a small bucket list for the rest of summer. Our fun list included bowling, mini golf, a movie, and yes more swimming. Hope you are enjoying your summer.


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