Baseball and Gymnastics?

You might be wondering what do baseball and gymnastics have in common. Well, let me tell you. Last night the gym my kids are a part of got to perform at our local minor league baseball game. Let me just say they had so much fun! When I asked them what the best part of the night was, their response was seeing themselves on the jumbo screen!

DSC_0018-2 1009472_10151563125561918_1616811937_o 1082598_10151563108226918_11690487_o

After the performance, we enjoyed our first baseball game as a family. A game which the Springfield Cardinals won! I asked them if they would want to go to another game and they enthusiastically responded yes.


After the games on Friday nights the stadium puts on a firework show so we got to end our night with fireworks! Who doesn’t love fireworks?

DSC_0089 DSC_0095

We had so much fun doing something we normally wouldn’t do and I have to say at the end of the night my response to would I go to another game is absolutely!


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