Lesson Planning History


Highhill Homeschool has started Lesson-Planning Linkup and today’s topic is History Curriculum. This year is the first year I have laid out my own history. We have always used My Father’s World, but I decided  I wanted to try something different. We will be studying Ancient History and the two main books I plan on using to help guide me through this journey are Story of the World and The First Ancient History.

I have pulled many ideas from other resources and on some lessons I ended up just writing my own. I will list what I use and where I find it as we work our way through this year. We will be exploring the ancient times in this order: Mesopotamians, Egypt, Ancient China, Ancient India, Greece, and Rome. So jump on over to Highhill Homeschool to see what others are planning on using for history this year.


6 thoughts on “Lesson Planning History

  1. We have really enjoyed Story of the World. Last year we studied Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome. Those three cultures took a long time. The year before we covered China and some others. This year I hope to get to Egypt and India and maybe we need to start moving a little faster. I want to get to Australia, Africa, South America and move up in time too.

  2. This is our first year with Story of the World and I am excited to use it. I have found many helpful resources with it. I can’t wait to see what you do for Egypt and India. You have wonderful ideas that really helped me in putting together my lesson plan.

  3. We love Story of the World too, and pull together lots of our own books and other materials. There are so many great resources available, it would be a pity not to use them! I hope you have a wonderful year learning history alongside your children 🙂

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