Titanic Fun Unit

Not long ago we had an unexpected field trip to the Titanic in Branson Missouri.The kids and I really enjoyed our visit and there was talk about doing a unit study on the Titanic, but we got back home and got caught back up in our everyday school life. A little while later, my son and I were watching The Amazing Race and one of the challenges were recreating the dinner the first class passengers were served aboard the Titanic. The challenge took place in Belfast Ireland in the dry dock, where the Titanic was built. We enjoyed the episode so much again, my son asked if we could do a unit, which I enthusiastically answered, of course. Well once again life took over and I never finished the unit. I know, right now you are thinking what a bad mom. Now fast forward to about a week ago and my kids informed me that before we started back to our new school year, could we please make time to do a Titanic unit. Well, this time mama listened and got busy working on it. Finally starting first thing Monday morning, we will embark on a journey aboard the Titanic! We will be ending our unit study with a first class dinner. The main resources I will be using for this unit is The Unsinkable Titanic from Hands of a Child Unit Study and Titanic the Complete Story vol.1 video from Netflix. So feel free to set sail with us and check back often to see where our adventure leads us!


Getting our picture taken with the dogs from Titanic, Branson Missouri


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