Crew of the Titanic

Today we started out by learning about the Titanic’s departure from England. We did a cool worksheet about mapping the Titanic that used longitude and latitude found here. We then read information about the Titanic’s crew. I have found many wonderful worksheets and informational fact sheets here from History on the Net. I let the kids cut up the sheet about the crew and add the pictures along with information they found interesting to their lapbooks.


I have found the kids want to add every piece of information to these books, so to make room, I have started adding construction paper as added sheets. I just fold a line on one side and glue that folded edge. I place the paper in the file folder and voila, you have extra sheets without gluing more file folders together.


The boxes about the captain and first officer came from Dynamic 2 moms. They have  downloads for a Titanic lapbook and I did find some things I wanted to use in ours I just needed a more in depth lapbook. We finished our day with the Netflix video, watching the part on departing from England and about the crew. Tomorrow we will be discovering what life was like for the first class passengers on the boat.


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