Art Lessons at Home

In our house you can always find some sort of art or craft project going on. Ever since my kids were little, I have encouraged them to be creative. I never worried about the mess we were making or how long it would take me to clean up. I only wanted to allow them to create something that they loved. Still today you can look around the house and find crocheting lying around or a painting drying. I even created an art wall to display our work and yes, before you ask, I even display mine proudly up on the wall. Though we have been creative I have never really had a formal art in our homeschool day. Yes, we learn about different artists and their styles of painting. We even have gone as far as to recreate these paintings, but my daughter has been wanting more in depth projects. I was at a loss. What she was really wanting were things you would learn at school in an art class and to be hones,t I hated art classes, so I never took any during my school days. I really wanted to try to do this for her, so I did some research and came across the Home Art Studio DVDs. The DVD is broken up into lessons and a teacher explains about the technique she is using while showing you an example of the project. Its just like being in an art class. I bought 3rd through 5th grade because I didn’t know where we should start. My daughter has been so excited to start these art lessons and has watched most of the DVDs. She made a list of what lessons she wanted to do and in what order. We decided to start the first lesson today, and I have to say, she picked out a pretty cool one. We had a lot of fun creating Rose Windows. I can’t really give an opinion about if these were worth the money or not yet, but both kids are excited for the next project. I will keep you updated on how we like the DVDs. Until then, enjoy these pictures from our homeschool art class!

rose windows


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