S’mores Family Fun Night

This weekend was spent cleaning up around the yard. After two weeks of rain our once beautiful yard was a complete mess. I had assigned the kids the job of picking up all the limbs that had littered our yard. I knew they were wondering why on earth I had asked them to place these sticks in a tub by the questions they were asking “Mom shouldn’t we be putting these in the burn pile?” one would ask, “Hey, you aren’t going to make us put these in the burn pile later, right?” afraid I was going to make extra work for them. Like I would ever do that. Well, I just kept smiling and waving as we worked knowing I had a big surprise for them. After all their work I told them about my grand idea of a s’mores night! They were excited and couldn’t wait to make the trip to the store. They even took my idea one step farther by using different flavors of chocolates.


I quickly got to work, typing up a list of all the different chocolates we had bought. I even added boxes to check yes or no depending on whether or not we liked that chocolate. We grabbed the supplies along with our lists and headed out the back door for an evening of fun!



The results are, Alexis voted for the chocolate raspberry. Colton’s vote was for the York Peppermint Pattie. Nanny’s (my mom) vote was for the plain old s’more with the Hershey Chocolate. My vote was tied between the York Peppermint Pattie and the Chopped Hazelnut.


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