Being A First Class Passenger

I really wanted to explore each class of passengers separately so I could give the kids a feeling of what it was like to be in that class. I started by making up pages for each class. Each classes page has what the ticket cost back then and what it would cost today. I found pictures related to each class and put all of this together using Word. So lets start with first class. On the handout I made up, were pictures of the room, boarding pass, the Turkish room, along with the pass to enter, the dinning room and the first class menu, the grand staircase, the smoking room, and some of the original passes that have been recovered. I let the kids cut out the pictures and start adding them to their books while I read about life as a first class passenger.


I also handed them a handout from history on the net on first class passengers, and let them cut out their favorite ones and add them to their lapbooks. We discussed the passengers and even some of the great love stories aboard the ship. I did a search and found a passenger list and let the kids each pick out a person they would like to be throughout our journey. We then filled out a boarding pass I found here in that persons name.


We also started a journal as the person we picked and sent a telegram from the same teachers pay teachers download.


I did find this download worth the $5.00. We finished up our first class passenger experience by watching our Netflix video. I will be doing the exact same things for the second and third class passengers so I will skip posting on these.


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