Iceberg Jello

I knew today was going to be spent learning about the Titanic hitting the iceberg and the ship sinking. I was trying to come up with something we could do that added a little fun to the day and found this project, iceberg jello.


When the kids woke up this morning we got to work on making this bright blue jello. We searched high and low until we found the perfect clear sundae glasses to put our ocean into. After putting our creations into the refrigerator, we got busy with our school work. I spent time reading to them about what an iceberg was, (which they informed me they knew already) and how the Titanic struck the iceberg causing it to flood and sink. I handed them out a timeline that came from here.They added pieces to the timeline as we discussed the events that took place that night.

DSC_0018-3 After we finished up with that we grabbed our ocean (jello) and added the iceberg (whipcream) to the top and headed to the couch to watch the Netflix video and eat our iceberg jello. As the kids listened to the stories from the survivors, they were sad that so many more could have been saved, but they loved the way the video spoke about the heroes of that night. How the men continued to shovel coal so the boat would have lights, how men gave children their life belts, and how the men continued to send out for help until the last minutes causing all of these men to lose their lives, but allowing others to survive.


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