Glue Watercolors and Salt

The other day I spent time pinning art ideas from Pinterest. Some of our favorite pins had the same three things in common, glue, watercolors, and salt. I saw many variations of these ideas and in the end we decided to create our own. We started with watercolor paper. We each drew a picture of a flower inspired by our nature walk the other day. We traced our pictures in glue and let that dry overnight. The next day we mixed our watercolors and lost ourselves in our painting. As we painted we sprinkled salt onto the wet watercolors. This is how our art turned out.

DSC_0017-2 DSC_0018-5

Would we do this again? Yes, but I would definitely skip the glue. The glue was a cool effect but not for all the work it took to outline the pictures. If you decide to try this type of project I would make sure your watercolors are more watery and add the salt often. When the watercolor dries, even a little, the salt doesn’t do anything to the picture.


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