My Archaeologists


Today we began our study of ancient times. The kids were sitting around the table waiting on their next worksheet when I grabbed a blanket along with a bag of stuff and walked out the door. Well, curiosity won out and before long my kids appeared beside me on the blanket with a questioning look on their faces. I calmly explained that it was such a beautiful day outside I just couldn’t stay inside any longer. If you know me this is not something I do. School outside? Never, we have to sit at the table, because that is what we do. Like I said before, this year I really want to slow down and enjoy our school year, so today it was a fossil dig outside.DSC_0028-2

I started by reading from Story of the World introduction, How Do We Know What Happened? I had also picked up a few books about archeology at the library. After discussing what history and archeology was, I had them reach into the bag to find a surprise. A fossil dig! I found this kit from Hobby Lobby for around $15.00.I chose the shark tooth dig because the kids have been wanting to do a shark unit, (the second surprise of the day) and I thought this would be a good start to that unit.

DSC_0042 DSC_0036 DSC_0043


This little kit didn’t disappoint. We loved it so much we stopped by Hobby Lobby just to pick up another one.This time we decided on a gem dig!


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