Reading Fun


I have been working hard to find a way to make reading fun. See, I have this problem, Alexis hates to read. She would rather do anything else but read. Don’t get me wrong, she will read things from a video game to a magazine, anything as long as she thinks it fun. I don’t dare hand her a chapter book because she will just die reading this said book (her words not mine). Colton on the other hand can often be found snuggled up reading the latest Stink book or Diary of a wimpy Kid. I really did want to find a way to make reading fun for her, so what was a mama to do? Head over to Pinterest of course! I know you’re thinking I’m addicted to Pinterest but in my defense they really do have many wonderful ideas all in one convenient place. So while pinning away I came across the first book I wanted to read as a family. It is Escape from the Forbidden Planet by Julie Anne Grasso. There is a Sticky Date and Chocolate Cake with Caramel Cardamom Sauce mentioned throughout the book and I just happened to have found the recipe for the cake here. I plan on making this cake to enjoy while we read through the book but first I wanted to get this new idea introduced to the kids. I started by explaining how we would be setting aside some time during school hours just for reading. We will be taking turns reading a chapter out loud to each other. I also plan on having the kids do a fun book report at the end of the book along with a fun project or two. I really hope these ideas will help make reading more enjoyable for Alexis. Please feel free to leave me a comment with any ideas of your own. I would love to hear from you.


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