Exploring A New Zoo


A few weeks ago my husband had to go out of town for work. The kids had a rare time off from gymnastics and we were able to make the trip with him. We ended up in Topeka Kansas, and made good use of our time there. We took a few days just to explore the city, which had some amazing things to do. One of the fun finds was the zoo. This zoo may have been small, but it was well worth our time. One of the things we found interesting were the elephants. We were waiting on the elephants to be turned outside so we could view them, when we noticed the workers walking around placing food in various places. Inside the play toys, on rocks, and in the holes of logs. We found this strange until they let the elephants out. The first thing these elephants did were come right up by the fence to dig for treats, giving us quite an entertaining show!


Another part of the zoo we loved was the rainforest area. In the middle of this area they had a set of stairs that led up to a platform. The platform was as tall as the tops of the trees. This allowed us some amazing views of the animals that lived in the trees. In all the zoos we have been to, we have never had an experience like this one.


We enjoyed watching this cute lemur crawl all over the place. He just crawled right over our heads like we weren’t even there.


These things were my sons favorite thing in the rainforest, I of course didn’t have the same feelings. I envisioned myself on a show like When Animals Attack. Don’t worry that never happened and in the end this little guy even posed for some pictures. Spending a relaxing day exploring this zoo with her kids is just what this mama needed.


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