Hunters Home and Stone Age Food

We spent the last few days talking about the stone age. How people hunted a place until the food ran out. How the homes were constructed so they could be easily packed up.  How people moved around a lot following the food. I found a few projects that went along with what we were learning. The first project we did was a hunter’s home from the book Everyday Life in the Ancient World Hands on Projects. The kids spent a good amount of time making bones, stones, and fire from clay. They dug through our supply closet to find cardboard and scrapes of leather. They scavenged the woods for sticks and rocks. They spent two days working on these homes and the end result turned out pretty cool. They both were proud of their homes and enjoyed the project.


The second project we decided to try was food from that time period. Items you would have gathered and eaten. This project was also out of the Everyday Life in the Ancient World Hands on Projects book. We chose blueberries, blackberries, nuts, and honey for our gathered food. We simmered the mixture and let it cool. This is what the kids thought about the food we would have gathered back then.

So excited to try this mixture.


Okay, he probably would have starved if he had to eat this.DSC_0012-3

Spitting soon followed but I decided to spare you the pictures of that event. DSC_0019

Alexis learned not to take a big bite from her brother. Needless to say, the kids did not enjoy the hunter’s food, but still enjoyed the project.

For more ideas check out All Things Beautiful.

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4 thoughts on “Hunters Home and Stone Age Food

  1. I love this. What a fun experience, even if they did not like the taste of it. It does inspire sympathy, at least. LOL Thank you for mentioning the book you are using, because I now have it on my Wish list. 🙂 Thanks for linking up to the History and Geography Meme.

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