Matter and Balloon Fun


Science has been one of those subjects I just don’t know how to put together. The past few years, we have been using My Father’s World, but I didn’t really care for the science. This year I wanted to create my own science plans, but I wasn’t really sure how to go about doing this. I searched many helpful homeschool blogs and finally started planning our year. We decided on chemistry  and after searching, decided on Real Science-4 Kids level 1. I started with this level because we haven’t done anything relating to chemistry before. I also found unit studies or experiments that went with what we were learning. Last week we started learning about matter, atoms, molecules, and the periodic table. One of the experiments we did, came from this unit study. It was showing a gas, solid, and liquid state using balloons.


So the balloon just didn’t come right off, lucky for them they had a pair of scissors handy.


Mom really shouldn’t ask them to pose for a picture with a big ball of ice and then take five minutes to take the shot. Can you tell by their expressions it was apparently very cold?


“No mom, please don’t make us pop the water balloon.”

In the end, they loved the experiment. They asked for more balloons so they could do it all over again, except the ice one, because that one takes awhile to freeze.

Looking for new ideas check out Highhill Homeschool.



One thought on “Matter and Balloon Fun

  1. I love their faces. It looks like a fun intro to chemistry. I can’t wait to see what else you do. We haven’t studied chemistry yet either.

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