Molecule Madness

For this lesson, I wanted the kids to take a closer look at molecules in the different states of matter. I started out by grabbing a clear storage container and some Fruit Loops cereal. I asked them to pack the container full. I then had them shake the packed container and observe what was happening to the cereal. Of course the cereal didn’t move around or change shapes. They concluded this was a solid shape. I had them glue Fruit Loops onto a paper I had made representing how many molecules each state had. DSC_0010-4 The next state of matter we picked was liquid. I had them remove a little over half of the Fruit Loops. I again had the kids shake the container and observe what happened to the cereal. The Fruit Loops moved around one another, but they moved slowly still. We discussed how a liquid state will take the shape whatever container it is in.. DSC_0014-2 The last state we looked at was gas. Again, I had the kids remove half of the Fruit Loops and observe what happened. The Fruit Loops moved around very quickly. They recorded their answers as we finished talking about molecules and the different states of matter. DSC_0021-2 DSC_0022-5


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