The Rise Of Leaders

DSC_0008-3Today we discussed how in early civilizations, leaders arose. How to become a leader you had to know more than other people. Someone figured out there are 365 days in a year by the stars. Someone had to figure out where the peasant’s farm was after the flooding of the Nile. This is where people long ago would use the string and pegs method. Our history book gave an example of a right angle. To help the kids understand this my husband took our kids outside and presented a problem to them. They used the right angle to figure out how to make a corner. After, they completed their right angle they checked it using a square. The one they made using string was very close. After they understood what a right angle was, I had them do a small scale one on their own.


We then discussed how someone who knew information like this would become a leader in ancient times and how leaders are smart. Leaders know what needs to be done and they know how to get it done.


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