Liquid To A Gas

Today we turned liquid into a gas for our states of matter unit. I typed up a sheet for this lab using the scientific method. I had them fill out their lab worksheets and we got started. You will need a small pot, water, and heat.

1.Place a pot of water on the stove and turn the heat on high (I spared you a picture of this step).

2. Bring the pot of water to a boil.


3. Continue to boil water until you see the steam coming from the pot.


4. You have now turned a liquid into a gas.

I know, not the most exciting experiment, but it was a good way to see the change that took place.


Diet Coke Rocket!

We had done the whole Mentos and Diet Coke experiment in a co-op class a few years back so I wanted something a little different. A quick search led me to this video and I knew that I had found the experiment for us. All you need is a two liter of Diet Coke and a pack of the original Mentos.


1.Take off the outer wrapper of the Mentos


2. Drop the Mentos into the Diet Coke and quickly screw on the cap.


3. Shake the Diet Coke. 4. Open the cap just a little until it starts to fizz. 5. Throw the Diet Coke bottle on the ground and it will take off.

DSC_0017-3 DSC_0018-7

Warning! Don’t stand close to the bottle. Our bottle exploded mid flight showering my husband with Diet Coke. Of course, the loving family we are only laughed a little!

The Rise Of Leaders

DSC_0008-3Today we discussed how in early civilizations, leaders arose. How to become a leader you had to know more than other people. Someone figured out there are 365 days in a year by the stars. Someone had to figure out where the peasant’s farm was after the flooding of the Nile. This is where people long ago would use the string and pegs method. Our history book gave an example of a right angle. To help the kids understand this my husband took our kids outside and presented a problem to them. They used the right angle to figure out how to make a corner. After, they completed their right angle they checked it using a square. The one they made using string was very close. After they understood what a right angle was, I had them do a small scale one on their own.


We then discussed how someone who knew information like this would become a leader in ancient times and how leaders are smart. Leaders know what needs to be done and they know how to get it done.

Candy For Sciene Fun?

Today we used Pop Rocks candy for our science lesson. We have been studying the states of matter, and this week we are focusing on the gas state. The experiment today came from here. I typed up a quick work sheet based on the scientific method to go along with this experiment. The materials you need for this experiment are Pop Rocks candy, a balloon, 16 ounce bottle of soda, and a funnel.


Place Pop Rocks into the balloon using a funnel. Place the balloon over the top of the soda bottle. Add Pop Rocks to the soda and observe what happens.


Give the bottle a good shake to add even more excitement.


The kids came up with a brilliant idea of tying off the balloons and using them like a water balloon. I recommend you run extremely fast because you will become the target. We finished this experiment by discussing why this experiment works and filled in the rest of our worksheet while happily snacking on the leftover Pop Rocks! Now I’m going to pry my flip flops off my feet and take a shower. Yep, you  guessed it, I didn’t run fast enough.

Molecule Madness

For this lesson, I wanted the kids to take a closer look at molecules in the different states of matter. I started out by grabbing a clear storage container and some Fruit Loops cereal. I asked them to pack the container full. I then had them shake the packed container and observe what was happening to the cereal. Of course the cereal didn’t move around or change shapes. They concluded this was a solid shape. I had them glue Fruit Loops onto a paper I had made representing how many molecules each state had. DSC_0010-4 The next state of matter we picked was liquid. I had them remove a little over half of the Fruit Loops. I again had the kids shake the container and observe what happened to the cereal. The Fruit Loops moved around one another, but they moved slowly still. We discussed how a liquid state will take the shape whatever container it is in.. DSC_0014-2 The last state we looked at was gas. Again, I had the kids remove half of the Fruit Loops and observe what happened. The Fruit Loops moved around very quickly. They recorded their answers as we finished talking about molecules and the different states of matter. DSC_0021-2 DSC_0022-5

Marshmallow Molecules


Today in chemistry, we studied molecules. At the end of our reading, the kids got to invent their own molecule models using marshmallows. They also had to complete real molecule models from their chemistry book.


What should we do with all of these marshmallows?



Why eat them of course! What a fun way to learn science.

Matter and Balloon Fun


Science has been one of those subjects I just don’t know how to put together. The past few years, we have been using My Father’s World, but I didn’t really care for the science. This year I wanted to create my own science plans, but I wasn’t really sure how to go about doing this. I searched many helpful homeschool blogs and finally started planning our year. We decided on chemistry  and after searching, decided on Real Science-4 Kids level 1. I started with this level because we haven’t done anything relating to chemistry before. I also found unit studies or experiments that went with what we were learning. Last week we started learning about matter, atoms, molecules, and the periodic table. One of the experiments we did, came from this unit study. It was showing a gas, solid, and liquid state using balloons.


So the balloon just didn’t come right off, lucky for them they had a pair of scissors handy.


Mom really shouldn’t ask them to pose for a picture with a big ball of ice and then take five minutes to take the shot. Can you tell by their expressions it was apparently very cold?


“No mom, please don’t make us pop the water balloon.”

In the end, they loved the experiment. They asked for more balloons so they could do it all over again, except the ice one, because that one takes awhile to freeze.

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