Curriculum 2013-2014

I always seem to find holes in the curriculum we use which then sends me on a hunt to fill the gaps. I pull from many places so I will list the basic things I plan on using and as I post about what we are doing, I will try to remember to give resource lists and helpful links. The kids do Math and Language at their grade level and we do history, science, art, reading, and home economics together.

Alexis 6th grade and Colton 4th grade
Math- Spectrum along with lots of free worksheet.

Language arts- A variety of Spectrum books. Reading comp, Language Arts, Spelling, Word Study and Phonics.

Reading- Chapter books along with fun presentation or book reports.

Writing- Writing Workshop Survival Kit, and Rip the Page Adventures in Creative Writing

Science- Unit studies on Matter and the Human Body.

History- Unit studies of the ancient world. The main books I plan to use are Story of the World Volume 1 and Oxford First Ancient History, and Everyday Life in the Ancient World Hands on Projects by Rachel Halstead and Struan Reid.

Art- Geography Through Art by Sharon Jeffus & Jamie Aramini, Video from Homeartstudio with Lindsey Volin, and The Usborne Art Treasury along with notebook pages of the artist that I just create.

Home Economics- Home Economics for Homeschoolers from Pearables.

P.E – Gymnastics, gymnastics, and more gymnastics.


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