Where Were We Last Week?

Okay, last week was crazy busy. My daughter turned twelve on Tuesday. I can’t believe Alexis is twelve years old. Where does the time go? Sorry, I am trying to be brave.


Okay, back to the party. She wanted an around the world party so thanks to Pinterest, we got busy. The kitchen was transformed into Mexico.

DSC_0107-2 DSC_0109

The dining room became Paris.

DSC_0096 DSC_0103

Our living room became India (Bollywood).

DSC_0113-2 DSC_0110

The pictures don’t do the decorations justice, but it gives you the idea. This party was so much fun to put together and Alexis enjoyed her special day spent with family and friends. So last week was full of decorating, family, and celebrating. I didn’t seem to find time to check in here, but it was a pretty great way to spend last week.